Zoca’s Growth & Empowerment in Tier 2 & 3 Cities


Fraterniti Foods brand Zoca’s Exponential Growth and Entrepreneurial Empowerment in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities.

The popularity of Zoca, a renowned brand of Fraterniti Foods, has been soaring, particularly in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. Its resounding success in these regions can be attributed to the brand’s ability to cater to diverse palates with its innovative and authentic culinary offerings. Zoca has capitalised on the unique prospects presented by tier 2 cities, developing a strong presence in Raigarh, Bulandshahr, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Hapur, Junagadh, Davangere, and Burdwan.

Zoca is preparing for even more extraordinary growth in emerging locations such as Prayagraj, Belgaum, and Yamuna Nagar, where food fans eagerly anticipate the gastronomic delight Zoca is recognised for. The brand’s commitment to quality, combined with its successful approach to tier 2 cities, has truly made Zoca a culinary sensation on the rise. Increasing demand for quality food and exquisite service has been a key reason to open up this facet of business and empower many entrepreneurial journeys and contribute the Mission 500 initiative of Fraterniti Foods.

Our brand Zoca has simultaneously forged an identity in tier 2 & tier 3 cities with the key focus on the great product delivery and mesmerizing interiors that adds to the overall dining experience. The resounding success is a by-product of the opportunities that lie in the tier 2 segment with people longing for the cafés and places to celebrate their special occasions.

The demand for multiple outlets, cafes, restaurants and eateries has opened up the doors for business opportunities for many and a chance to grow for the brand and establish itself as a major force in foodandbeverage industry, by spreading its wings all over India.We at fraterniti foods have a modest goal to simultaneously grow our other brand extensions like Yolo & Blink as well and work toward the bigger picture “500 Outlets” which is our long term goal.