Fraterniti Foods Brand Zoca is launching Blink: A Game-Changing Restro-Bar


Fraterniti Foods, the parent company of the highly acclaimed brand zoca, is set to revolutionize the dining and bar scene with the launch of their latest concept, Blink. Known for their unwavering commitment to creating exceptional experiences for their guests, Zoca has continuously pushed boundaries in the food and beverage industry. Now, with the introduction of Blink, they are taking their expertise to new heights.

Blink By Zoca combines the allure of a luxurious dining experience with the excitement of a vibrant bar atmosphere. With a focus on innovative culinary offerings and an enticing selection of beverages, Blink promises to leave guests craving for more. The brand’s dedication to quality, meticulous food presentations, and a diverse product mix are seamlessly integrated into the Blink concept. Step inside and be mesmerized by the meticulously designed aesthetic interiors, adding a touch of elegance to every visit.

Fraterniti Foods’ continuous research and development efforts ensure that Blink stays ahead of the latest trends in the industry. By utilizing contemporary ingredients and cutting-edge techniques in food and beverage production, Blink promises to captivate and surprise even the most discerning palates. The dark-themed bar sets the perfect mood for special occasions and unforgettable evenings, making each visit a truly extraordinary experience. And now, Blink By Zoca is coming soon to Amritsar, with a sprawling space of over 4000 sq ft. Residents and visitors of Amritsar can look forward to indulging in the culinary delights and immersive atmosphere of Blink with a varied selection of food and beverage along with multiple offerings with japanese, Pan Asian, Western-Continental along with innovative cocktails & mocktails.

Fraterniti Foods has chosen amritsar as the next destination to expand its footprint, bringing a unique blend of luxury, innovation, and exceptional dining experiences to the city. The live tappenyaki counter is another point of attraction for the guests with an added element of live cooking & showmanship. Prepare to be enthralled as Blink By Zoca invites you to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other, where luxury and innovation converge to create a truly remarkable experience.