Zoca sushi belt concept


Fraterniti Foods brand ZOCA, has taken the culinary world by storm with its latest creation—the sushi belt concept. Zoca has revolutionized the traditional dining experience by combining the artistry of sushi-making with the interactive nature of a conveyor belt. With the introduction of this concept, diners can now sit around a circular bar, where an assortment of fresh and delectable sushi rolls travels along a conveyor belt, allowing customers to select their desired dishes as they pass by. The sushi belt concept not only enhances the visual appeal of the dining experience but also offers a dynamic and engaging way for patrons to explore an array of sushi creations. Fraterniti Food’s commitment to innovation and creating unforgettable experiences is evident in this groundbreaking concept, which is set to redefine the way people enjoy sushi.

Zoca’s sushi belt concept goes beyond just the presentation and interaction aspect. The brand takes pride in sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring that each sushi roll that glides along the belt is made with premium-quality fish, vegetables, and other elements. The culinary team at Fraterniti Foods’ combines traditional sushi techniques with modern flavors and creative twists, offering a diverse menu that caters to different tastes and dietary preferences. From classic favorites like California rolls and nigiri to innovative creations like tempura rolls & dumplings at Zoca’s sushi belt showcases a wide range of culinary delights along with a varied beverage selection to add to your experience.

Customers can sit together, observing the colorful assortment of sushi options passing by, sparking conversations and interactions among fellow diners. This dynamic setting encourages exploration and the opportunity to try new flavors and combinations, ensuring that they enjoy their preferred choices while discovering new ones along the way